Our History

Following the Hungarian revolution in the year 1956, Mr Sandor Rubner came to the United Kingdom as a refugee and settled in London in search of a better life. He wasn’t the only one to start a new life there – the Orthodox Jewish community was growing rapidly and the need for traditional products grew with it. Realising that high-quality kosher milk was nowhere to be found in London at that time, Mr Rubner decided to contribute to his community and heritage by building a small, family business that continues to this day. With over six decades worth of tradition and experience, Charedi Dairies Ltd. is still a family-owned enterprise whose mission is to provide the Jewish community around Europe with the best kosher dairy products, combining superior standards of Kashrus with high-quality milk.

Our Business

Today, Charedi Dairies stays true to the late Mr Rubner’s vision. As a family with a firm ambition and a legacy to uphold, we have put a lot of hard work into growing our business. We are immensely proud to say that while our headquarters remain in London, we now offer our products throughout the UK and in many other parts of Europe as well. Our values are that of tradition and integrity – the foundations of our community, and as such we have incorporated both into our business. We strive to consistently bring the healthiest, tastiest kosher products into your home and are thrilled to always be a part of your family.

Our Products

Our products are variously certified by Kedassia and KLBD. With a range as wide as ours, there is something for everyone to enjoy! Charedi Dairies produces Whole Milk, Semi Skimmed Milk, Skimmed Milk, 1% Milk, Goats Milk, Flavoured Milk, Yoghurt, Whipping Cream, Halloumi Cheese, Ricotta Cheese Goats Cheese and Pure Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice. Our products can be found in schools, colleges, clubs and other institutions, as well as in shops and supermarkets.

Our Delivery Service

Committed to the old-fashioned British milkman tradition that dates back to the year 1785, Charedi Dairies have their DOORSTEP delivery service! You can call, send us an email, or simply fill an online order form by 8 o’clock in the evening and fresh, cold milk and other dairy products will be delivered directly to your door the following day, just like in the good old days! It is our privilege to be a part of your peaceful family mornings.

Our goals

Uncompromising quality, Kashrus and affordable prices have always been the pillars of our company. The desire to contribute to our Jewish community will continue to drive us forward. We are always looking to expand our offer according to our customer’s needs. Your opinions and suggestions are of immense value to us, and each and every feedback on how to make our services better will be taken into account.



Happy & Healthy Cows

Charedi Dairies milk is sourced from chosen herds that are a part of a unique sustainable farming strategy. Our cows enjoy a clean, comfortable environment at all times and they are well-fed and relaxed. This makes them happier and healthier, which is reflected in the high-yielding, premium, tasty milk they produce


Charedi Kosher Milk

Charedi Dairies’ kosher milk is full of nutrients that greatly attribute to the overall health and strenth of the immune system. Milk is the first thing each one of us has tried when we were born, and still remains one of the most important parts of a balanced & healthy diet.


Health Benefits

Charedi kosher milk is rich with Selenium, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Zinc, proteins, vitamins B1-B6, Niacin and vitamins A and D. The health benefits of drinking milk every day include having strong bones, improved vision, radiant skin, a healthy heart and blood pressure, and healthy nerve tissue.


A Part of Your Home

The Jewish family always looks to uphold a Kosher home that includes the best quality products with the highest Kashrus standards, so they can combine the traditional dietary standards with the most nutritious and tastiest foods. We are immensely proud that all of our products fulfill this aspiration.

Don’t believe us? Ask our cows!


I am a part of Charedi Dairies herd for as long as I can remember. looking back at my life, I wouldn't like change a thing. - Penelope (4)


I was a bit suspicious about the food quality at first, but now I really do enjoy it. Life is good, I must say. - Gertie (5)


Even though I'm young, I find great pleasure in long walks and meditation. One day, I'll be just like Penelope. - Bella (2)