Whipping Cream

The fluffy and creamy texture of Charedi Dairies kosher Whipping Cream makes it ideal for filling cakes and pastries. You can also enjoy a fresh dollop of this light, buttery treat in your coffee or on top of your favourite desserts. The creamy, rich flavour and the ability to make it stiff in texture make it a perfect ingredient for yummy cake fillings and frostings. Customise your frostings with fruit, food dyes, chocolate and sprinkles and enjoy your colorfully decorated cakes!

use of whipping cream use

If you’re searching for a perfect addition to your morning coffee, you might want to use whipping cream instead of double cream – due to high-fat content, the double cream will float on top of your coffee, whereas whipping cream can be stirred in, making your coffee a true delight!

There is no better way to pair a cup of fresh berries than with a large dollop of whipping cream on top (except maybe the quintessential British Eaton mess which we adore)! Whipping cream can also be used for various pies – especially chocolate and pumpkin pie, cupcakes, puddings, ice creams, milkshakes, coffee cocktail and mousses.